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NEWS/Zaki Sherif A New Star From Lebanon

Just few months later from his graduation from the talents show "Star Academy" the 22-year-old Lebanese singer Zakir Sherif released his first single "Kif Ederti" with El Mawla Production Company. The song is written by Ali El Mawla, composed by Salah Kurdi and arranged by Omar Sabbagh. All his fans were waiting his first song that became famous quickly and had thousands of viewers on YouTube.

Zaki Sherif, who decided to participate in " Star Academy Season 9 " in Lebanon, had become in very short time one of most famous singers between all the contestants, especially when he left the show, many of his fans asked him to release his first song as they were so proud of him.

From his first appearances, he insisted on singing in his own style and to show his preference of singing traditional Lebanese songs. Being passionate about sports especially swimming, football and pool, Zaki is very cool and friendly in the academy and people loved his personality. Very quickly, he became very famous in the Arab World with his strong and sensational voice.

The Lebanese handsome guy, who showed that he is very talented, ambitious and persistent, had been able to master many musical styles, and this is the reason why he was special between all the candidates in "Star Academy". What is known about Zaki Shreif is that his favorite dish is one of the best traditional Lebanese cuisine items "Wara' Enab", and also being a very peaceful guy, he prefers the blue as a color. Well, a very typical Lebanese young man!

After considering that the results of voting were wrong, Zaki Shreif left the show and promised his fans that he will release a song soon and will fight for his position among singers in Lebanon and the Arab World. That is exactly what happened with El Mawla Production Company. They believed in his talent and produced his first single for the main reason being that people love his spontaneity, his sincerity away from acting, and his charismatic, strong and romantic voice. Of course, we will be waiting for his full album and for more and more work as we believe that this rising star will be in a very high place if he works hard and aims to create his own space singing in the Arab World.

You can watch the first song of Zaki Shreif " Kif Edrti " from Lebanon.

by Jamil Richane

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