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NEWS/Zaitunay Bay Hosts Beirut Designers’ Week 2014

After a huge success in 2013, Beirut Designers’ Week is back this year at Zaitunay Bay from May 9-12. Lebanese designer are showing their masterpieces of Spring-Summer collections with the latest trendy sorts of fashion, jewelry, furniture design and accessories.

Opening under the theme of “Spring’s Blast”, this year edition holds a good number of rising designers who prepared themselves to show their best in haute couture, pret-a-porter, sportswear, gold and fashion as well as home decoration. Beirut Designers’ Week is organized by GATA Events & Promotions in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade and Solidere, with the partnership of Beirut Waterfront Development.

Known to many as Lebanon’s premier destination for all sorts of leisurely activities, Zaitunay Bay, located directly on the Beirut Waterfront Marina, leaves both tourists and residents of Lebanon in awe. Its close proximity to the famous Phoenicia luxury hotel and the Four Star Hotel is ideal for any individual seeking to immerse him or herself within the fine dining and/or fine arts world that Beirut has to offer. 

Zaitunay bay impressive collection of restaurants and activity centers is enough to keep most anyone occupied for a lengthy amount of time. Seventeen of Beirut’s most innovative, classy, expensive restaurants are housed within this water and yacht ridden oasis. For those interested in the Lebanese cultural arts scene, the L’aterlier Art Lounge regularly allows visitors to paint, sketch, and create anything their minds can conjure up on a large white canvas. L’aterlier Art Lounge supplies the tools and the paint, imported from France to ensure quality, for anyone interested in contributing to the artistic collage. 

The entire shopping and dining area is built around the cozy Beirut harbor; multiple yachts and small boats are anchored right beside the wooden walkway, adding to an atmosphere already rich with very posh architectural designs and recreational options. The entire area is a level below the main streets and sidewalk above it, creating an enclave that is the perfect amount of private and public.

 Though elegant and welcoming, the Bay has a lot to offer any body on a typical day. Rains or shine, bad weather is no deterrent for this area to continue shining in the way it has for the past several years. The water within the marina swishes back and forth, in from the ocean and out from beneath the feet of every person, leaving only the quaint sounds of water to soothe the ears of all who choose to spend the day here, the beautiful seaside front unmatched by anything else in the world.

 The event was incredible with thousands of visitors and under the coverage of local media stations, so if you missed the remaining days of Zaitunay Bay’s glam of Lebanese fashion, maybe you can catch it next year!

by Jamil Richane

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