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NEWS/Who is the secret lover of May Kassab?

May Kassab, the Egyptian popular female singer, had already let it slip that she was deeply in love, but she wouldn't tell her fan whom would be that lucky guy, until a ring was in hand. But in a short time, she got engaged to Oka in a house party at her place with many of their friends and couples, and rest of the “ 8% Ortega “ as well as Shehta Karika. Also, the Egyptian songstress and May’s friend Shaza was there.

Few weeks before, May Kassab said that she does not want to talk about the person that she is in love with, and will make the announcement when they are close to make an official commitment that ends in marriage. Well, the engagement says it all.

She said in an interview: "He is also an artist, and we worked together in a film. He was the only support after my mother passed away. I used to look at him in a different way than a lover, but after his unconditional support I realized he was so much more, and he is the reason I was reborn. He is a pure person and I cannot deny I lived the best days of my life with him. Our relationship is official and both our families know of the affair, we already chose our wedding bands and are currently looking for a home to unite us."

The two allegedly met on set the film "8%" that they co-starred in. We can now wish them all the luck in their future plans. We will be also waiting for new albums by May Kassab, who is now with Rotana production company.

by Jamil Richane

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