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NEWS/What’s New for Super Star Nancy Ajram?

What would you expect from an album prepared by the Lebanese songstress Nancy Ajram that took 4 years to be ready? Of course, this album will be awesome. It is her 8th album called “Nancy 8“ with 15 tracks and we found it so impressive to see her back to her first appearances as the cheeky girl who acts tough but she is buttery inside in her first video music “Ah w Noss”.

Nancy Ajram had always had all the reasons to become a star among all the wannabes in the Arab World. Soon after the album release, a music video was aired for the first track “Ma tigi hena“. Starring in red where she is selling watermelon and all the boys around want to get her melons, it was obvious her come-back to the character that she played 12 years ago, being in love with it, she wanted to revive it with a different story.

"Ma Tigi Hena" is a very Nancy Ajram song; it is an Egyptian dance track with so much energy. Of course, the team behind it must have collected some fine rewards. With the catchy lyrics, Nancy always plays the innocent yet tough young woman whom says all the sweet romantic things. Having a loud melody with Egyptian popular hints, Nancy Ajram made another hit song that will rock in Egypt and set her fans on fire. In the upcoming summer, we will all hear her songs blowing at every party or event for at least three years from now. Well-done Nancy!

The director of the music video is Joe Bou Eid who had a clever vision to show Nancy Ajram in her best. Regarding her new album, there are many songs in Egyptian, Lebanese and Gulf dialect. Nancy does an album that lasts her about four years, she shoots music video in groups, so at least three of these 15 songs will get music videos. The songs titles are:
01.Ma Tegy Hena
02.Mosh Far2a Keter
03.Sherek Be Omry
05.Tsab2 El-Reeh
06.Rahnt 3alik
07.Show Ha El-Qassa
08.Naam Be Alby
09.Etnen Eshab
10.Ma Aw3dak
11.We Bakon Gay Awda3k
12.Ba2a Kol Da
14.Ya 5ayen
15.Bel Raha

Hurry up to listen to the album. Nancy’s style has made her a star, especially in Egypt and Lebanon! See her music video here.

by Jamil Richane

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