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NEWS/What to Expect for Najwa Karam's USA Tour

One of the Middle East’s most talented divas, Najwa Karam, is touring the United States in an unprecedented tour across the country. From Washington DC to California’s Bay Area, Karam is sweeping fans right off of their feet. People from as far as Mexico and South America are flocking to the states in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this Lebanese superstar. Karam is booked solid for the upcoming few months and for good reason too.

It is a full schedule for the Lebanese diva Najwa Karam these days and we cannot expect less from a songstress coming from Zahle, the bride of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where great voices and brilliant talented artists were raised on the banks of Berdawni River. Of course, Najwa Karam has fans in nearly every corner of the world where Lebanese and Arabian people waited for her concerts, to feel the glory of Lebanese folk songs.

It’s time today for her US fans in Miami, New Jersey, Detroit and Texas. Her latest concert in Washington DC was more than successful with the help of Tamer Yehia and Tony Marsho who joined her on stage and made a fancy performance. The trio will also be together in New Jersey concert.

 Samer Zaher, the organizer of the event, revealed the fact that they have to prepare another concert to let everyone attend. No room for everybody when Najwa is here!

After attending the Lebanese Institute of Music and releasing a few well-received but lesser known albums with very moderate success during the 1980’s, Karam began singing for Rotana, one of the Middle East’s largest recording labels. One of her most popular and well-known songs, Naghmet Hob, skillfully combined Arabic folk tunes with the generational “pop” fad of the 1990’s. Her distinct Lebanese accent and tune make her voice instantly recognizable within the Arabian music world. Karam has had a very steady rise to fame but her musical prowess and legacy has nevertheless earned her many prestigious awards, titles and loyal fans from all over the world and has helped her land the role of one of the lead judges on the hit show, Arab’s Got Talent.

In a recent interview at Regency Palace for the 2014 Easter show, Karam stated in reference to the recent criticism revolving around her song Ya Yomma. “Some people are rude. Whoever wants to criticize my songs should try to make better ones.” This criticism is certainly not stopping this Lebanese diva. The song has been out for approximately three months and she stated that there was no need for a music video. According to Karam, the most criticized songs are always the most popular. Perceiving her own band members to be her “teachers” in a sense, she noted that she keeps them prominent on stage in order to share the well-deserved spotlight. To the swooning crowds of Karam fans in the west, her US tour seems very much like a dream come true. 

by Jamil Richane

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