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NEWS/What Would You Expect from Fares Karam And Marwan Khoury

Not less than a great song, this is what would be the result when Fares Karam and Marwan Khoury working together. With a patriotic song, Fares Karam wanted to sing for the sake of Lebanon. Maybe he is not the most popular musician among Lebanese singers, but he's a patriotic performer and he made a good popularity singing the language of people in the street and in their houses. The songster is singing for his beloved country this time in a new single titled “Lawlak Ya Lebnan” which means “For Your Sake Lebanon”.

These days, we heard many new patriotic songs like the lately released “Ossit Watan” for Naji Osta. But a song written and composed by Marwan Khoury would have a special taste. The piece has been distributed by Roger Khoury.

“Lawlak Ya Lebnan” encourages the unity of all Lebanese people. It is an immediate hit that you might be listening to right now since several radio stations are already playing the new song. For those Lebanese living outside the country, the glorious song may still be sentimental as it unifies all patriots around the world and heartens maintaining security in Lebanon. He called on all the different sects of society to unite and overcome their differences.

Fares Karam is working on a number of singles to be released before launching a complete album in the near future, of course with a bouquet of popular songs. On the other side, all his fans are waiting for his concert as part of Beirut Holidays 2014 in Beirut souks on July 31th at 9 p.m.

by Jamil Richane 


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