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NEWS/What Would Reveal The New "Story of A Country" by Julia Boutros?

Julia Boutros, the Lebanese symbol of devoted art and music, released her latest album “Hkayet Watan” (story of a country) telling the story of being separated by war and staying away from your beloved country because of war and chaos. Of course, she cannot but sing for love in her brilliant songs as well as for symbols of respect and admiration. It is not easy to sing for war and love and everything in between in the same album, but Julia with her bright talent is always able to make it possible.


Starting singing at the age of twelve with a French song titled A Maman, Julia Boutros could sense how to draw her career path, and it was about dedicating her talent for others and to speak the language of those who cannot speak. And she did succeed!

‘Hkayet Watan’ is dedicated to the homeland, nation, and admired loved ones. Live orchestra rules throughout her album, but her voice is the footprint that gives this album an eternal legacy. Her smooth voice and passion is something of a rare experience. One more thing the music is recorded as if you are a world traveler, music from all over the universe to please your heart and soul. The first track “ Enzaa Wajhal Kazibi “ reveals the strength of her voice while the second track “ Tall w Sharraf” tells the story of a lovely and generous person, we could feel here the smoothness and softness of Julia’s voice. And the story continues with “ Law Salamtak Albi “, “Ashraf Insan”, “Afdal Nebeod”, “Al Hakou Silahi”, “Hkayet Watan”, “Kan Alli”, “Ykoun Baawnak”. For the album, Julia Boutros collaborated with a number of poets that she previously worked with, such as Fadi Abou Abdo, and of course, her brother Ziad Boutros composed all the songs.

After the release of this album, she performed two sold-out concerts in Lebanon. She is still one of the few voices we Arabs still agree on. Her music and her message bring us all together.

by Jamil Richane

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