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NEWS/What Is The Egyptian Star Yusra Al Lozi Doing In India?

“Al Hind Um El Ajayeb” (India, the mother of wonders) is the title of the new film starred by the Egyptian actress Yusra Al Lozi who has been chosen to be the leading actress in the film.

Being impressed with the script, Yusra accepted the role under the direction of the Egyptian talented director Amir Ramsis. She had to read it carefully and insist on every detail as the story relies on a black comedy showing events that took place in Egypt following the revolution over the past three years.

It will not be easy to show how much the society had been affected with such events and the change that was resulted over this past period and how young people fell victims to religious extremism.

In a press release, Yusra El Lozi said that the reason behind using “India” in the title is a secret that will only be revealed soon after the film will be screened.

Yusra, who was born in Cairo in 1985 from a Syrian mother and an Egyptian father, Mahmoud Al Lozi, the theater professor at the American University of Cairo, made her first step with the prominent director Youssef Chahine in his film “Alexandria … New York”. It was a very good start for a young actress that led her to win many awards at regional and international film festivals.

She took part in 10 films and 7 television programs, like “Vertigo” and “ Khoutout Hamra” in 2012, “El Estaz Ehsan” in 2010 and “Qobolat Masrouqa” in 2008, which led her to win the Best Actress award in Alexandria International Film Festival.

Yusra El Lozi always wanted to pursue her studies in international law but has a very good talent in singing. Maybe we can listen to her personal songs in these next few years!

by Jamil Richane

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