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NEWS/Welcome The African Spirit in Dubai Nightlife!

Recently, Dubai has been well known for its booming nightlife; and with several groups claiming to enjoy African music, we can gladly spot many clubs around the town introducing the Afro flavor. The most famous being House of Africa and Azonto Nights give you the opportunity to feel the African beat. Not to mention other places such as The Garage, Irie Fridays, etc.

It goes without saying that African music is diverse and rich, and we might say the richest! In fact, Africa is a vast continent where too many cultures have alternated leaving a diversified heritage; thus the music. Arabs have reached Africa in the 7th century, and accordingly we can witness certain similarity and homogeneity in the two kinds of music along with their instruments.

Drums are the main title of the night! They are either played by hand or by using sticks; actually, referring to African culture, drums are a means of communication. African people worship music through which they passed their history and culture from generation to another. 

For all of us, music is a part of the daily life; it fulfills the soul, relaxes the mind and most importantly gives a meaning to our parties! Dubai has been booming in the several past years; and you can find exactly what you are looking for to make your night special! The African music played can awaken your soul; it can vary from the classical to jazz, Afro pop and Afro hip hop.

According to Mohammed Kowasha, a Nigerian organizer for L.O.S, the Dubai-based Nigerian Afro hip-hop band: “visitors and tourists love the Afro hip hop and Afro pop; this is what they look for. We plan for DJ visits and live performances; you can have the ability to enjoy the catchy tribal music along with island beat,” he added.

People can always have access to African music or switch on their radios to hear some Afro beats. Dubai nightlife has changed the concept and offered a real meaning of listening to the African music properly through the clubs, platforms and nights organized regularly. Besides, lively dance floors are always there to accompany the Afro nights, because African music does not only make your soul dance, but your whole being!

If you are to visit Dubai, do not skip the Afro flavored places in order to witness a great party! 

by Jamil Richane


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