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NEWS/All The Way To Cairo This March For The Jazz Festival

If you are considering visiting the joyful country of Egypt anytime soon, it will be your chance to take part of a very unique festival in the region. It is Cairo's Jazz Festival. For the sixth year since 2009, the founder of the annual Cairo Jazz Festival, the Egyptian musician Amro Salah announced in a press conference the dates and the places where this original festival will take place. It is from March 13-16 in Cairo's Al-Azhar Park and at the Cairo Jazz Club. They are going to be rocking the night with scheduled performances that have been well chosen as they managed to join international bands with local performers.


The first night will be at the Geneina Theater in Al-Azhar Park with the "Jakub Urban Trio" featuring " Noha Fekry." It will be an original night with a Czech-Egyptian combination, not to be missed as followed by "USS w Lazq" band then the Japanese trio "Kaz Okumura" that will join the Australian Jazz artist "Michelle Rounds". Not to forget the Moroccan band "OUM" that will be performing at the Jazz Club, starting at 10:30 pm.


On Friday 14th, it will be an European night with "Vein" from Switzerland, "Yuri Honing Quartette" from Holland, followed by the French band "Sylvain Beuf Electric Eccentric" and "Daerr-Bica-Stick" from Germany. All at Al-Azhar Park. In parallel, the Lake Theater will witness a brilliant performance for the British artist "Soweto Kinch" featuring the Egyptian Band Arab Rap All Stars.

The next day it will be a mixed night starting Tunisian performer Nabil Khemir, then "Holler My Dear" from Austria, followed "Ramy Attalla Group" also from Egypt and the most awaited performance with the talented Lebanese band "Mashrou' Leila" with the British Sowento Kinch. What a great night it will be!


And the Egyptian artist Omar Khairat will close the festival performances on Sunday 16th at the Lake theater. In addition to those Jazz nights, it is very important to mention the workshops and Master classes that are a very important part of Cairo's Jazz Festival. This made it not only a musical festival but also a cultural event awaited by all those who love to learn more music and arts. Those workshops will be held at Vibe studio for the Soweto Kinch Rap workshop, the saxophone master class with Sylvain Beuf and a piano master class with Vein. Those classes will start in 12th of March and remain till the end of the Jazz Festival.


According to the official page of  this Jazz festival, it is an international festival that aims to widespread the mission of Jazz to reach more people and give more exposure to both acts and audience. So, save these dates and make your way to Cairo to be part of this marvelous International event!

by Jamil Richane


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