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NEWS/The Success Of The Lebanese Movie "Bebe"

It is very lovely to witness the success of many Lebanese movies in a short period, this boom in the filming industry encouraged lot of production companies to invest in creating more films and contributing in making Lebanon a competitor among Arab countries in this domain.

Besides many movies released in 2013, like “Ghadi” for the Lebanese talented artist George Khabbaz and “Asfoury” starring Majdi Machmouchi, the beloved Lebanese actor, “Bebe” came out to succeed not only in Lebanese theaters but also in Dubai and Jordan. "Bebe" is the first film in Lebanese cinema history to achieve such significant success in a short period of time, ranking it as the first Lebanese film to attract this many viewers. After succeeding in Lebanon by getting more than 150,000 viewers, as well as more success in Dubai, it was the time for Jordan last week, where the crew of the movie were gathered in Taj cinemas at Taj Mall in Amman, capital of Jordan, for the opening ceremony.

People from Jordan and Palestine came across the country to meet the movie crew, especially the handsome actor Youssef El Khal, the prominent actress Maguie Abou Ghosn and Saad El Kadry, as well as the movie director Elie Habib and the producer Jamal Sanane. They stood there for more than two hours taking pictures with their fans in the hall of Taj Cinemas.

It was good to see how much the Jordanian medias were interested in this event, as there were many local TV channels and journalists covering the opening ceremony. After the show, a local Jordanian came across and said to the actress Maguie Abou Ghosn that it was the first time he watched a Lebanese movie but he promised her that he will watch every one that will be showed at the cinemas in his country, after stating how much he really loved the movie.

After this success story in Lebanon, Dubai and Jordan, we wish that this brilliant movie would be showed in all Arab countries as well as in Europe maybe or in the United States.

by Jamil Richane


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