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NEWS/The Stunning Performance of Elissa at Beirut Holidays Festival 2014

It was not less than a magical night of Beirut Holidays Festival 2014! Elissa stepped to the stage in 21th of August for a sold-out concert at the Beirut Waterfront Biel. This time with one of the top singers of the Middle East, Elissa, and for 3rd time at this festival, people waited her appearance on stage and for that moment, she took the crowds by storm. It was a full house with fans even climbing the back stage fence to get a glimpse of her.

A whole list of achievements cannot resume the successful music track of Elissa, who was born as Elissar Zakaria Khoury to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother in Deir El Ahmar, the Bekaa village. From her first debut in Studio el Fan in 1992 sweeping away the silver medal, to being the first Arabic artist to collaborate with Dior for her video Ayshalak and later teaming with the famous Chris de Burg to release “Lebanese Nights. Lately, she was named among the 100 most powerful Arab business women and she released her latest album “Halet Hobb" that made a huge success, especially her Lebanese song “Ya Mrayti" (My Mirror).

All those achievements can be summarized by the crowd’s reaction when Elissa hits the stages. Many celebrities and friends were there like Nishan, Rima Njeim, Anwar El Amin, Adel Karam, Nasser Fakih, and many others. At the Beirut Waterfront, and after the Lebanese National Anthem was sung along with her diversified band, Elissa walked in to honor the army with her start up song. After which, she paused to say a few words that it’s sad that we always party to prove that we are people who enjoys living, while our army is shedding blood to keep us under a safe roof. She added that all the income from the concert will be donated to the army because she wanted her country to remain beautiful like the song “7elwa ya balady” says. She thanked all the celebrity attendees for their presence. Elissa performed with diversity, she didn’t stick to her albums, but she performed songs for Abdel el Halim “Awel Mara Theb Ya Albi", Salwa el Katrib, Fairouz and others. The crowds enjoyed the mixture of modern pop music and old Tarab that she made, which we all hope will last forever.

We look forward to your upcoming events with Elissa, because of her shining personality that reflects to her songs and the way she performs!

by Jamil Richane

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