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NEWS/The Octopus Of The Oud, Abadi Al Johar, Singing With Amal Maher

What a charming experience to listen to such a combination of voices, those of the Saudi Abadi Al Johar and the Egyptian songstress Amal Maher in a min album at the Egyptian House of Opera. Moreover, the two stars decided to release this mini album surprising all their fans around the Arab World. “Samehni Habibi” (Forgive me my love) is a masterpiece of 28 minutes of real Tarab, written by Hossein Sayed and composed by the very talented musician Talal. It is a marvelous gift for the Arab audience nowadays where cheap songs are released here and there. Partnering is a clever idea so the valuable legacy of Abadi Al Jawhar would gain more popularity and Amal Maher would shine more and more with her golden voice.

Abadi Al jawhar or The Octopus of the Oud mastered his favorite instrument since he was 11 year old and he had huge backing as he is one of the lead musicians in Saudi Arabia. He is known for his silk way around the lute and how gifted he is with the music he makes. His professional career was officially lunched alongside Lutfi Zinni and Talal El Maddah with the song “Ya Ghazal” in 1968. Baleegh Hamdi said once that Abadi Al Jawhar is simply the best composer in the Arabian Gulf region.

On the other hand, Amal Maher was preparing a new album to be released but suddenly something bigger happened and made her start this year with a great performance with Abadi Al Jawhar. What a brilliant idea!

We did enjoyed listening to these tracks reminding us of the Golden Age of great music. Listen to “Samehni Habibi” here!

by Jamil Richane

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