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NEWS/The Hit Lebanese Drama "Khtarab El-Hay" Competes With Turkish & Latin Soap Operas

Why not make our audience wait for a Lebanese soap opera at 7 pm? That was the challenge of the Lebanese channel MTV to air the new drama "Khtarab El Hay" and to strongly compete with Turkish and Western soap operas. It is the time for the Lebanon's television industry to hit back again. For many years, no long homemade series were produced, though the Arab World the audience loves this kind of TV program, especially at 7 pm before the news at 8 pm aired on most of channels at this time. So, Turkish dramas and Latin American ones were dubbed into Arabic, Syrian or Lebanese dialect, and got a huge popularity among the audience. People waited for the episodes on a daily basis. Now, "Khtarab El Hay" and the production company MTV had bring back the audience to their living society and all its problems.

The main idea of this drama is real life of a group of people and families that live in the same neighborhood and face so many problems and tribulations. According to the head of programming in MTV channel Christian Gemayel, "Khtarab El Hay" is a bold and unique step that none of the Lebanese televisions had tried this before. The process of producing a similar quality dubbed show is expensive and time consuming. Also, he added that MTV had chosen to broadcast this series at an earlier time than 7pm to introduce the homegrown Lebanese drama instead of dubbed foreign soap operas. They believe that telling the everyday stories of our society would be very attractive.

Being very close to the daily issues of the Arab society and the Lebanese ones, Khtarab El-Hay‘s major plot points focus on the more ordinary aspects of life in Lebanon: passing exams, getting married, or going out with friends. That is the secret of its success!

With a wide group of Lebanese prominent actors like Mazen Mouaddam, Nicolas Mouawad, Joelle Dagher, Wadad Jabbour and Chirine Sassine, the writer and actress Carine Rizkalla was so impressive to be able to master both comedy and drama scenes, with of course the collaboration of the talented director Farah El Hashim.

The 180-episodes drama is broadcasted five days a week and by its success, it is making a room for the Lebanese drama to spread again. Well-done MTV Lebanon network!

by Jamil Richane


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