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NEWS/The Genius Mohammad Assaf Recorded The World Cup Anthem Live With His Fans!

Tonight, Mohamad Assaf, the winner of Arab Idol latest season, will be performing the World Cup anthem live for the first time at the opening ceremony of the 64th Fifa Congress event in Sao Paulo, the forerunner to the World Cup in Brazil, which begins on June 12. That song that was the result of a genius project held for 24 hours.

When the international producer Rodney Jerkins put his hands in something, a crazy masterpiece would be the result. Just like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga for example, that was the case of the Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf, who went to Dubai and directly to the recording studio with the music producer Rodney Jerkins to record a World Cup anthem in 24 hours, under a very special project titled #ASSAF360. The aim was to get help from his fans to finish this "mission impossible".

The idea was, as per Mohamad Assaf’s statement, that people have to create this song as it should be made by them and for them. So, they kicked off at 8am on June 3, and for transparency, Assaf's fans watched him in session through live streaming on MBC’s website with broadcasting live on MBC 1 throughout the course of the 24 hours. On twitter, a hash tag was created, #ASSAF360, and all his fans rushed to send lyrics and melodies suggestions for two weeks.

Mohamad Assaf stated that some journalists asked him if he have really not prepared anything in advance for the recording session and he told them that they will see with their own eyes that they haven’t prepared anything. He added that they started on the rhythm in the same morning and they wanted to do a song that brings across the sporty spirit, the energy behind that.

Jerkins was also super excited about the unique project, which meant he only got one hour's sleep due to jet lag and woke up at 4am singing melodies to himself. The music genius said he was in awe of the young artist's voice and planned to make the most of it.

Now that the phenomenal song has finally been produced, a  video of the song, featuring edited footage and off-screen bloopers from the recording session, is going to be released on June 4.

This is a huge win for Arabs everywhere, as Assaf’s performance will mark the first time an Arab singer performs at the Fifa Congress event. The manager of Platinum Records, Taymour Marmarchi, which is Mohamad Assaf’s label, was behind this brilliant project. As he said, he wanted to shake things up, as they planned this production for the last three months. They were thrilled to have an amazing hit producer, Rodney Jerkins, leading the music for this one-of-a kind fusion with their fantastic artist Mohamad Assaf.

Great jobs guys, we are proud of you Mohamad!

by Jamil Richane

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