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NEWS/The Best Arab Singer Goes To Nancy Ajram

Fall Out Boy performed one of their newest singles, Gary Barlow was nominated as one of the best male artists, and our very own Nancy Ajram was endowed with the title and award “Best Arab Singer.” Already, the bar was set very high for the 2014 World Music Awards.

The annual World Music Awards is premiered yet again for the 2014 year and this time, it premiered with a bang. Filled with entertainment, celebrities, and the most watched Awards ceremony, as of yet, it was a busy and exciting day for stars and audiences alike.

Nancy Ajram, one of the Arab world’s most famous singers, was revealed to have won the 2014’s award for “Best Arab Singer,” although this is no surprise for Ajram, a long time veteran of the award. Winning this title in 2008 for her popular album “Bitfakar Fe Eih” or “What Are You Thinking Of” and yet again in 2011 for another one of her albums, “Nancy 7,” this will be her third time receiving this prestigious award. Lining up to watch both her and many other lucky award-winning artists will be a plethora of Arab celebrities, including her World Cup co-singer, Cheb Khaled.

The impressive category, “Best Song,” revealed that the nominees are from Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon, respectively. Amr Diab was nominated for his song “Al Layla” or “Tonight,” Samira Saeed for her song “Ma Zal” or “Still,” and Carole Samaha for her song “Ihsas” or “Feelings.”

Despite the accumulation of celebrities that this legendary awards ceremony has garnished throughout the years, its celebration has its roots in a far more meaningful foundation than first impressions could allow. The World Music Awards was founded in 1989 under the Prince of Monaco and all proceeds from the event are invested into the Monaco Aide et Presence Foundation and the Combonian Missionary Association in order to build hospitals, schools, and a service the developing regions of Africa, Asia, and Brazil. This highly charitable and illustrious event was showcased live on air for the Arab network MBC on May 27th.

by Jamil Richane

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