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NEWS/Tarek El Atrash New Song - Etaa'tello Karet

Tarek El Atrash is one of the rising stars that are surprising the Lebanese and Arabic audience with great songs. He is forming his own style and his name is gaining popularity. Now he has taken the party to Tunis where he is scheduled for a number of concerts. Tarek worked on his songs by writing its lyrics and composing the music. He has the kind of charm that makes royalty fly him over oceans to see him perform. He is said to be like the first domino you tip over and unleash a chain of fun events. 

Young and hip Tarek start his long-term career by composing and writing songs, he is talented for sure, especially in popular culture, which is spreading among young people in Lebanon and Arab world. There is a demand for the kind of songs, where fun and good music come together.

He wants to make sure when you are ready for good times, you will play his songs. Tarek has a sweet voice made perfect for songs that bring joy and fun. In very short months, Tarek's name has become a household name within the boundaries of Beirut as the purveyor of upbeat light pop songs with a small touch of folk songs. Good luck Tarek. We will be waiting for more songs to be released and we wish you more and more of success.

by Jamil Richane

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