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NEWS/Tamer Hosny Back Home After a Successful USA/Canada Tour

Tamer Hosny, the multi-talented Egyptian artist, is a very busy man these days. After coming to Lebanon to film an episode for MBC in Beirut about his life and journey over the past 10 years in the music industry, it was planned to hold a big tour in the USA and Canada, and to return back to complete his upcoming TV drama “Farq Tawkeet” with the Lebanese star Nicole Saba and Sherry Adel.


His successful USA and Canada  over the past month did not pass without surprises and some problems. Because of the severe cold and snow, Tamer Hosny was abroad when a car accident took place among his band members traveling to the airport. Fortunately no one was injured. Maybe Nicole Saba isn't so sad that she missed out on the American fun, after getting denied her visa needed for her band to join Tamer on tour.  When he got back to his hometown in Egypt, the superstar Tamer Hosny could not help but shed tears of joy as his fans came to welcome him and an enormous crowd of fans were waiting for him holding posters. The grateful gig hung out with his fans at the airport for more than an hour before heading home in his car. The musician posted on his social media accounts that he wanted to thank all his fans in Washington, Las Vegas, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and Texas for their warm reception and all the tour organizers and teams for their effort during his tour.


After spending some time with his family, Tamer Hosny will come back to work for the upcoming television drama "Farq Tawqeet" (Time Difference) with Lebanese singer Nicole Saba. The drama was previously titled "Yasin" (Fame), but was recently renamed after much consideration.

With the help of a good team of professionals, the superstar Tamer Hosny said that he's on the search for a look that will match his character in the drama, which is still under study whether or not he will appear as a singer. This multi-faceted artist wants to firmly establish this as an acting star and is unsure if he wants to bring his musical talents into the picture again after his famous successful film “Omar W Salma” in its two versions.

His fans are not expecting many more concerts in the spring lineup as Tamer is expected to free himself completely for the drama at least if they want it to be aired in Ramadan. Unforutenately, his production manager assured that there will not be new music from Tamer in 2014 until after Ramadan, but of course his fans are hoping his acting venture will be just as good as his singing talent.

by Jamil Richane


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