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NEWS/Tamer Hosny Admitted Problems With His Wife Basma Boussil

We heard a lot these two passing days that Tamer Hosny’s marriage had gone down the drain. After two years, it was reported that Tamer Hosny decided to leave Basma Boussil, his wife and mother of his only daughter Talia, in a complete silence and secrecy. For other sources, they claimed that the couple took the decision of the divorce in a civilized manner, and have agreed to stay close friends for the best of their daughter.

On the other side, rumors went to say that the Moroccan songstress and former contestant on Star Academy was previously married to one of her friends, the Jordanian Yehia Sweis who was also with her at the show, without previously telling her husband Tamer Hosny. The marriage documents were published on social media. In fact, it was very hard to verify if these documents were authentic, as well as Yehia Sweis stated that he and Basma were very close friends and the marriage certificate is clearly forged.

But finally, the Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny revealed the truth behind his divorce rumors and commented on his official Facebook account in “an important clarification” by saying that he and his wife were having major problems that got them close to divorce but it was not officially happening. And he added that Basma still the mother of his baby girl whether they go their separation way or not, and that he will continue to respect her and will not tolerate false accusations and insults with silly rumors. He asked also to stop talking about his personal life saying that God will choose what is best for his family.

It is good that Tamer Hosny made his own statement to clarify this matter. We hope that this whole issue will get clear for the couple and the audience for the best of them and the interest of their own daughter.

by Jamil Richane

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