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NEWS/Suspenseful New Film Raghad 2015

In a psychological drama about a deaf girl and the man she loves this film is sure to keep you guessing! A handsome and educated gentleman Khalid is in love with a deaf woman and is ready to marry her. He wants to introduce her to his mother so he brings his mother to a park for the introduction to his soon to be wife. The mother tries to speak to her and surprisingly watches her use sign language with her words. After finding out she is deaf, the mother is furious! Telling her son that she forbids him to marry her, she will no longer speak to him if he doesn’t end the relationship. As time has passed the girl realizes that her love has left her and is crying at a local café. Two men who knows about the girls relationship sees her at her weak moment and steals the opportunity to speak to her.  After one of the men consoles her by telling her things will be ok he returns back to his friend and tells him that she is vulnerable and she will be a good hunt for them. What will happen next? Stay tuned for the upcoming film and the dramaful cast soon to come! 

by Salwa Hariri

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