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NEWS/Sherine Releasing Her New Album 2014 "Ana Ketir"

 She is the hit-maker in the Arab World, Sherine Abdel Wahab, the Egyptian star and most-loved with her romantic voice, released her new album in 2014 named "Ana Ketir" heating up our cold winter. Just before Valentines, she decided to throw her songs of her self-produced album to the audience. All her fans were rushed to listen to the songs of the album that rocks. Breaking records as usual, her album has millions of viewers on YouTube.


After she decided to leave the prominent production company Rotana, Sherine produced her new album and chose her songs with perfect lyrics and rhythm as well as working hard on the arrangement. Well-done Sherine! The album "Ana Ketir" is composed of 12 tracks, with a variety from romantic to drama to beat songs, we have "W Meen Ekhtar", "Da' Al Saytara", "Motakhta Men Al Aya", "Ya Layali", "ShokranYa Shahm", "Khaynen", "Fi Leila", "Mosh Khayfa", "Qellet Noom", "Tajrba Mo'lema", "Kolly Melkak" and "Ana Ketir." Four of these songs were released as singles before the album, each one of them is a rare emotional experience paired with a very warm beat.


The amazing thing about Sherine is that she did not repeat herself, she is one of the few Arab singer that even if you dislike the artist, you appreciate, respect and enjoy her style. Since her first appearance, she was distinguished for the way she manipulates her voice in a very romantic and sensational way, it is not something that you can see everyday. This time around, the audience enjoyed the new album of Sherine Abdel Wahab with many dance songs and awesome funky fresh music. All the best for our talented Sherine!

by Jamil Richane


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