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NEWS/Saif Shawaf the Fan of Nancy Ajram

If you're a music fan, and even better, a Nancy Ajram fan, then you might want to read this for future inspiration. 

Director Walid Nassif held a first-of-its-kind online competition where he asked Nancy's fans to come up with an original idea for the music video of “A'mel Aqlah” (Acting Sane). 

Nancy advertised the contest on her social networking accounts and on As expected, a large number of fans worldwide showered the star with their ideas. Once the best ideas were selected, a voting poll was up! Three months later, Syrian-Canadian Saif Shawaf was selected as the lucky winner of the competition.

His prize? In addition to using his original idea, Saif was flown out to Lebanon to meet Nancy and take part in the filming process with Walid. Can life get any better for the young talent? The video is so unique as it's the first to be solely created by a fan and not the star's team of creative experts. 

The concept of the music video, created by Saif, was that since Nancy's involving her fans in this video, the video should include her fans. Nancy feels upset because of the way her man is treating her, so she sent out a tweet which causes all her fans to get concerned and try to help her. Nancy day dreams about actually using some of the advices she receives and every advice is extreme which makes it funny (i.e. deflating his car tires, burning his house down, etc..). In the end, after all the advice she receives, Nancy finally gains the confident to leave the man.

This is how Saif did win Nancy's heart and all those who voted. It's been a great idea by Walid, the director. It's time for other directors and artists to show us their new ideas.

by Jamil Richane

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