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NEWS/Ragheb Alama Assured: I Am Not An Arab Idol Judge Anymore!

Lately, we heard many rumors regarding the reason behind the sudden quit of the Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama from the most famous talent show Arab Idol on MBC channel. But the road to finding out has been a bumpy one especially with all the Social Medias network interruptions.

At first, The MBC Group officially confirmed the news that the Lebanese prominent singer Wael Kfoury will join Nancy Ajram, Ahlam and Hassan El Shafei on the talent competition’s judging panel in season 3.

Soon after MBC confirmed the news, Ahlam said in a tweet: “The Arab Idol stage is going to erupt with positive and youthful energy with your presence Wael Kfoury. Welcome to the club.” Wael then “followed” the UAE singer and tweeted her back a sweet poem as a thank you for her kind welcome.

After that, Rumors over former judge Ragheb Alama’s sudden decision to quit Arab Idol were getting weirder saying that the rich songstress Ahlam had paid a fifty million dollars for MBC channel to force Ragheb Alama to quit the judging bench. But the response came quickly from the official spokesperson for MBC group, Mazen Hayek, who assured that Arab Idol judge Ahlam had absolutely nothing to do with the decision of Ragheb Alama. Mazen Hayek profusely denied the rumor, calling it a “mere lie and an illusion.” As well, he insisted of the fact that Ragheb decided to leave the show and his decision was made solely by him, so MBC group respected his decision and still maintain a close relationship with the star. Also, Hayek had been asked about Ahlam’s recent tweet on Twitter when she said “my demands must be met” so he replied that the songstress could have been referring to demands about her chef or private jet, but in no way did she implied MBC Group or Arab Idol.

As a result, Ragheb Alama said it out loud that fellow judge Ahlam had nothing to do with his withdrawal, and that he decided now to reveal the real reason behind leaving the talent show behind. In a conversation with an Arabic newspaper, he stated that the producers asked the judges to go in a flawed direction, and that was wrong. They wanted them to talk in a certain way that doesn't suit MBC or the caliber of the guests that they were going to host, or even the judges themselves; they are their guests at the end of the day. He added also that they have been given many wrong messages, and anything that’s built on the wrong will only end up wrong. He asked them multiple times to fix things but they said ‘take it or leave it, so they wanted him to accept things even if he didn’t agree with them, and adding that he always told MBC that it’s either the four judges or none at all.

Finally, we wish all the luck for the Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury who will be replacing Ragheb Alama in the talent show jury. Wael was a judge on The X-factor Arabia and it's rumored that Ragheb Alama will be taking his spot on the rival show, also taken by MBC Group for the up-coming season.

by Jamil Richane

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