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NEWS/Palestinian Writer Chaker Khazaal Goes to Hollywood

It is amazing to witness the rise of another Palestenian icon. Chaker Khazaal, the writer of " Confessions of a war child ", is heading to the city of Hollywood, California, to recieve the Innovation Award 2013 for his book in September 21st. This prize is offered by the World Assembly of Saint Lazarus, which has granted the Palestenian-canadian writer the title of " the friend of Jerusalem.”

The celebration will be held at Benedict Castle in California and attended by many celebrities from all around the World, like the actress Julias Roberts and the American director Alex Brayas.

The prize will be presented on stage by the British princess Karen Kantrel, that had nominated Chaker Khazaal for this prize, while the members of the jury were public figures in politics, arts and literature.

We would like to mention that Chaker Khazaal is an international spokesperson, human rights advocate, and author. Born in 1987 during the civil war in Lebanon to Palestinian parents, Khazaal grew up in a refugee camp in Beirut. With the highest academic average and strong leadership skills, he was awarded the prestigious Global Leader of Tomorrow Award from York University, Toronto, Canada at the age of seventeen. An accomplished spokesperson on social media, refugee affairs, and global cooperation for developmental projects, he has been invited to venues around the world, such as Google Headquarters and the United Nations.

Also, he is regularly featured on-air and in magazines, film, television, and interactive digital media in Canada, the United States of America, the Middle East, and Europe. He has also successfully been published in print media on an international level. After the devastating loss of a friend during the summer of 2012, he began penning his story, which is inspired by the true stories of war children.

by Jamil Richane

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