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NEWS/ Oussama Rahbani, Hiba Tawaji & Wadih Abi Raad: A Golden Trio

The legacy of Al Rahbani is now in the hand of their children, especially with Ossama and Ghadi, who are collaborating in many art works. They are showing that they are able to stay on their parents’ track and create new fine pieces of work, to be part of the Lebanese culture again, even if their work is not at the same level of popularity, due to the trends nowadays. Lately, Oussama Rahbani released a new music album with the sensational vocalist Hiba Tawaji and the famous musician and vocal coach Wadih Abi Raad, after collaborating in a play, months ago. Hiba Tawaji, the 25-year-old artist, is one of the finest talents in the Arab World, known for her sensational voice and exceptional performance in singing and acting on theater. The “Golden Trio” made a romantic album with the touch of revolution, where the old soul of fine music can be felt easily, it is a very original album with its fifteen tracks sung by the mighty voice of Hiba Tawaji.

This is a new kind of a musical experience made by three friends who happen to have the world indie spirit. This album, that talented artists do not have to strip in order for them to get the media excited and the sales skyrocketing. Hiba Tawaji’s voice switches from jazz to pop to more lyrical numbers. Her voice is as sensual and smooth as it is powerful. Rahbani writes in the liner notes that he wrote several of the tracks a while ago but was unable to find a voice powerful enough to sing them until he began to collaborate with Tawaji. The album switches between soft tunes and more upbeat, groovy ones.

Particularly while listening to this track, it becomes clear that Tawaji not only sings Rahbani’s compositions but also interprets them, in a way that gives incredible depth to the musical arrangements. Her voice remains in perfect harmony with the instruments. We are waiting for more fine artistic works made by this “Trio.”

by Jamil Richane

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