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NEWS/Nicolas Mouawad Won The Best Lead Actor In London Festival

The Lebanese actor Nicolas Mouawad is bringing-up the best picture of our beloved country, Lebanon, in the United Kingdom as he won the best lead actor award in London International Film Festival for his main role in the film "Takassim Hobb" (Love's improvisations). He played alongside with the actress Darren El- Khatib. The Film directed by the Egyptian director Youssef Deeb and produced by a Canadian production company "Pictures Pond Media" was filmed in Dubai.

Unfortunately, Nicolas was not able to attend the festival and receive his award personally, because of his other engagements, the fact that he did not expect to win the award after he was nominated, as the candidates were belonging to various countries around the world, which made the competition very tough . The actor Nicolas Mouawad was nominated to this award after the film had participated in many European festivals in Saint Tropez and Madrid in this month, where it was nominated for five awards, one of them was the best lead actor award.

In a speech on TV, the director and producer of the film, Youssef Deeb, said that, so far , he could not find the time to work on the distribution of this film, and that he always wanted - and still- to participate in international festivals. He mentioned that he is new in this field, which needs a full focus to succeed and maintain a high level of work.

"Love's Improvisations " is a Drama in the style of the Swedish director Engmar Burgmen, but without his well-known mystery, he participatied in the international premiere of the film, in Dubai film festival in December 2012. Youssef Deeb also added: "It seems to me that what best the Arab festivals can do is to reveal the efforts put in creating movies , some of which really deserves to be revealed and known by the whole world . But these festivals cannot impose the number of viewers for any film , and cannot impose a practical focus attention in films after the show itself."

"Love's Improvisations"  is one of the best two Arab films of this type, that have been showed in recent months. The other film is "El Chita Elly Fat" for Ibrahim El Battout , which achevied a pretty good reputation along with its participation in "Venice Festival". The Egyptian directors are now very enthousiatic to make new films, especially after film "Baed El Mawki'a" went to "Cannes Festival" in 2012.

by Jamil Richane


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