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NEWS/Much Anticipated Nancy Ajram’s Concert in Egypt Promoting Love, Peace And Joy

A promoter of love, peace and joy, the Lebanese brilliant songstress Nancy Ajram insists in each occasion on spreading optimism and assuring on being against terrorist attacks and culture on war and death. Moreover, she did not stick to words of encouragement for life as many do but also insisted on participating in all scheduled events against all odds. Last month, Nancy Ajram defied terrorist attacks in Beirut and went ahead with her scheduled concert at the "Eish Al Achrafieh" Festival, which was organized by the Achrafieh Merchants Committee to promote tourism in Lebanon.


And now, it is time for promoting tourism in Egypt, her second favorite country, on August.

Under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and in the presence of the Mayor of South Sina, Khaled Foudah, Nancy will be holding a grand performance at "Taj Mahal" in Sharm El Sheikh.


In a press conference, Nancy Ajram insisted on the idea that Egypt is “ in good hands.” The optimistic singer said also: “Where there's a celebration of joy, optimism and life, I'll be there and happy to perform. Egypt is very dear to me like children are to their mother. With great joy I tell the world ‘Egypt will always be dear to us all.”


On Aug 1st, she will be performing alongside with the international DJ Henry Fonda, who has mixed a number of unique tracks especially for the event.


The Lebanese starlet added: “I'm counting the days by the minute with great anticipation to meet Egypt and its guests in Sharm El Sheikh. I will be very happy to be with everyone and assure them that ‘Egypt will always be dear to us all.”


Nancy Ajram also stated regarding the concert: “At every special occasion and concert I say that we will always love life and call for peace. I'm sending a special invitation to everyone who loves Egypt and wishes it security, to attend the concert on Aug 1 and sing together for life, peace, love, and harmony, which are feelings we get when visiting Egypt. I consider myself an Egyptian and will be very happy to be with my fans and family on that day.”


What are your plans for this August? Well, hurry up to Egypt and take part in this joyful event with the brilliant Nancy Ajram in Sharm El Sheikh!

by Jamil Richane


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