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NEWS/Nancy Ajram And Her Arduous Agenda

Lebanon’s best-selling female recording artist, Nancy Ajram released a brand new album a few months ago, gaining a lot of attention from many media outlets along the way. One of the songs from this album, Shagge3 Helmak, has made its way into the Fifa 2014’s official soundtrack and commercial that premiered all across the Arab world. This would be the Lebanese, Egyptian, and Khaleeji dialectic singer’s eighth album.

There has been a recent scandal revolving around her and one of her latest music videos - Ma Tiji Hina. The seductive Lebanese singer is seen selling watermelons in a dress labeled by many as being far too skimpy for a fruit vendor. Her seemingly inaccurate depiction of fruit marketing has upset many Arabs. As if blissfully unaware of the stereotypes she is projecting onto a humble occupation, in a recent radio interview regarding her video she stated: "I don't see what I presented as being seductive, and at the end of the day each person is entitled to their own opinion. There are people who watched the clip and did not understand its story and only concentrated on my appearance.” 

To paint Ajram in an entirely separate and heartwarming light, the famous musician has been working closely with the organization UNICEF (United Nation Children’s fund) in order to create a contest entitled “Street Children.” Over Twitter, Ajram asked fans to "Hurry up & write lyrics for the song I will be singing in collaboration with UNICEF Lebanon.” From a plethora of submissions, Ajram will select one song to sing at an event in France.

This isn’t the only event that Ajram will have done for the benefit of street children. During her most notable charity event in 2008 at the “Big Ball” in Dubai, Ajram was quoted saying: “I'm coming for my love of children and because I want to help underprivileged children find a happy place in this world” and in late 2009, Ajram was chosen by UNICEF to be the official regional ambassador for the middle eastern region and Northern Africa. The money obtained from this event will go directly towards UNICEF, helping them provide food and shelter for street children.

 Although her watermelon selling stint didn’t seem to be very well received by a few of her fans, she remains a kind, unforgettable, generation-shaping pop-star that will be around for years to come.

by Jamil Richane


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