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NEWS/NYE Dubai Explodes The Largest Fireworks Show

Breaking the World records is one of Dubai's profession. After building the world's tallest building "Burj Khalifa" and the World's largest manmade island "Palm Jumeirah", the New Year's Eve was the perfect timing to break another record, having the largest fireworks display in the world.

Thousands of people gathered around the beaches of Dubai and secured every possible vantage point. For more than 9 months, 200 technicians worked on the project to ensure its success and to prepare a spectacular fireworks show that lighted Dubai's sky on New Year's Eve. They needed 94 kilometers to spread the cables to connect a network of 100 computers to control the show and synchronize the pyrotechnics. The US fireworks firm, Grucci, designed the show with special choreographed musical soundtrack. A huge work had been done for a cost of 6 millions dollars!

All of this had made of Dubai, a important destination again for tourists around the World, and gave the famous Emirate the edge over New Year's celebrations.

The initial audit made by Guinness Record officials, showed that more than 100,000 fireworks were let off in the first minute and 500,000 is the total number of fireworks thrown in this dazzling display, which took 6 minutes. The final spectacle was creating an artificial "Sunrise" along the seafront, which surprised everyone who watched the show, while taking their breath away. The "Sunrise" englobed the highest firework reaching more than one kilometer in height.

With this record, Dubai beat the previous one held by Kuwait in 2012, where 77,282 fireworks were set off for the country's 50th anniversary.

Alistair Richards, the global president of Guinness World Records said that the scale of this record attempt was truly impressive and ensured all eyes to be on Dubai. He traveled from London to Dubai, especially to witness the display.

All people who were there, fascinated by the spectacular show, and ensured that their beloved Emirate, Dubai, had made the best farewell to the 2013 and the welcome of 2014. Spectators felt lucky to have decided to spent their New Year's Eve in Dubai.

by Jamil Richane

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