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Karam Karam , the father of the Lebanese singer Najwa Karam died on Saturday 7th of September 2013 after suffering from severe pain for the past months. The star spent a huge chunk of her time in hospital by her dad's side, just as she placed all her work projects on hold.

 Majida El Roumi, Fares Karam, Haifa Wehbe, Nishan, Father Tony Khawli, and many other friends of Najwa Karam were present at the funeral with the family in the city of Zahle. After the funeral, each of the poets Nizar Francis and Moussa Zgheib recited poems for the deceased. Many singers, artists, friends fans and media tweeted to Najwa Karam their condolences, and the hashtag #GodBeWithNajwaKaram trended worldwide on Twitter.

On Friday 6th, Najwa tweeted: “I know your hearts are with me; I don't like you guys living a tragedy. Artists are born to entertain people, but I thank God for the gift that is your love."  Tears filled Najwa Karam’s eyes as she said her final farewell to her father. The Lebanese singer is devastated after losing her father to his battle with cancer. She’s not left alone in her sorrow, though. As soon as word got out about the starlet’s deep loss, celebs from around the region Tweeted their condolences.

Fellow stars like Ragheb Alama wrote words of kindness to her page, "My dear Najwa, I give my condolences to you and your family. God wanted to end your father's suffering and lay his soul to rest and you did all you could to help him heal. May God bless his soul and we need you to remain strong in this hard time. May his soul rest in peace and I wish I am in Beirut to stand by your side. God bless you."

UAE singer Ahlam also posted, "We are very sorry over your loss and may you remain strong." Lebanese singer Carole Samaha wrote, "I send my deepest condolences to our Lebanese star Najwa Karam for the death of her father. May his soul rest in peace."

Lebanese singer Elissa wrote, "My heart is with Najwa Karam. My deepest condolences, may his soul rest in peace, and may God give her the strength to overcome her sadness."

Nancy Ajram wrote, "Dearest Najwa, my deepest condolences and may his soul rest in peace." The list of condolences by celebrities from Lebanon and around the Arab world is endless, with everyone attempting to show sorrow over the singer's loss.

After the funeral days, Najwa Karam had some major timing issues, her father passed away, right when her Arabs Got Talent was supposed to return to TV. Then she had the funeral, and she just headed to Morocco for a concert she is obligated to perform. Right there in Morocco, she founds lots of love from loving and screaming fans who line hoping to get a glimpse of their beloved diva. In Casablanca, they called her the sun, her most cherished title. Lebanon also got a shoutout. She had a meeting with her fans and the organizers and had too much to say about the art and people who love it in Morocco. She got to give a speech and be herself!??Again with the loyalty of her fans, and few hours before airing the first episode of the number one talent show in the arab world “Arabs Got Talent”. Najwanians, the strong and loyal fans of the Lebanese diva Najwa Karam, planned a hashtag to trend “#NajwaKaramAGT3Tonight” on twitter and made it to the top 4 topic worldwide with up to 585,000 timeline deliveries in less than two hours according to

Najwanians Power is doing a great job on Social Media to support their idol Najwa Karam who is passing through a rough time lately due to her father’s death last week.

But in other hand, in a letter of the office of Najwa Karam, they mentionned the following:

September 12, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

By this letter and with great regrets, the office of Ms. Najwa Karam announces the postponement to its USA tour until April 2014 due to the recent death of her father.  Najwa Karam has always been known for being very close to her family, especially in the time of their needs. Najwa Karam had elected to personally take care of her father after his severe illness which caused the star to be absent from her fans and often postponing some of her events. Unfortunately, her father lost the battle to cancer few weeks after permanently admitting him to the hospital.

As the word got out about her deep loss, immediately people from around the world offered their condolences and thousands showed up at the funeral that took place at St. Elias Church in Zahleh, Lebanon, The list of condolences is endless, by celebrities, singers, politicians, media and business people, friends, fans, and family with everyone attempting to show sorrow and empathy over the singer's loss.

We offer our sincere apologies for the postponement of the USA tour to Luxury Entertainment, which is our official USA tour organizer, the immigration offices of the United States, faithful and loving fans, and to all who have been involved in organizing the tour here in Lebanon and abroad.

Finally, our super star personally offers her appreciation to each and every individual, without exception, for the love, comforting and kind words, support, and understanding.

May God bring with his great love peace unto this world.

Warmest Regards,

Office of Najwa Karam

Of course, The USA fans of the star Najwa Karam were shocked by the news of the death of her father, and will wait for her in April 2014.

by Jamil Richane

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