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NEWS/Myriam Fares: The Queen of Stage!

Myriam Fares had announced herself as a show-artist, she loves dancing, acting and singing, but her fans believe she is the "Queen Of Stage". Since she released "Kifak Enta", a special song with colourful video clip, she has shown that she is on the right track for fame and one of the best names in show business. Her performances are really impressive shining bright in scenes and dresses. The result is a more and more of fame, which led her to Moscow for a concert and as a beauty figure for Wella and Chopard.

Despite the cold weather in Russia and especially in the capital Moscow, the brilliant artist Myriam Fares hold a grand performance at a luxurious private wedding, where the Russian audience enjoyed her songs and dances. They loved her song " Ghmorni ", as this song reached the Russian radios.

Then, Myriam took a plane to Kuwait, where she had another concert at a wedding, to step-over at Cairo, Egypt, to take part of world tour of FIFA, while she was chosen among many artists to be the first star to sing at this big event. What a brilliant season for her!

On the first of October, Myriam Fares was chosen also as figure for Wella and to celebrate the opening ceremony of the biggest Chopard branch in the world at Kuwait, with the presence of  Mrs Caroline Sheufele, the owner of Chopard around the world.

Of course, when you hear the name of Myriam Fares, endless descriptions and titles flash-out, but she proved that she truly deserves those titles throughout her career since its early appearances. Her fame spreads widely, and she has now fans in different parts on the world.

Myriam Fares, the Lebanese singer and dancer, was born on May 3, 1983 in south Lebanon. Very interested in arts and music, she took classical ballet lessons, and later on, she earned first place in an oriental dance TV program "Al mawahed Saghira" on Tele Liban. Then, she made her first steps to discover her singing talent, when she entered the national conservatory of music, and participated in the very well-known program  “Studio El Fan” in 2000 which also earned her first prize.

And here the success started, as she launched her first album in 2003, which achieved a high success in a very short time due to the hit song "Ana Wel Shog". Her success story continues with many brilliant master-pieces.

by Jamil Richane

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