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NEWS/ Myriam Fares' New Ramadan Drama Song by Adam

This season, Ramadan came with so many artistic surprises and news. One of them was the decision of the Lebanese eye candy Myriam Fares to star in a TV drama titled “Ittiham” or “Accusation”, the sponsors Media Revolution 7 brought millions of dollars on her and have sold it, till now, for a half a dozen of Arab networks and given them the right to broadcast the drama. Surely, the Gulf region will be interested in seeing Myriam Fares acting, as well as she’s got so many fans in Lebanon and in Egypt who are mad of her. They booked a team of an A list of Egyptian actors to act by her side, and now comes the new song for the opening credit and promo delivered by the Lebanese brilliant songster Adam, with his sensational voice.

Adam, one of the favorite Lebanese pop artists got the contract and his voice graces the show. Watching the clips that went with the song you can tell the makeup work is second to none; the locations are fancy and many fashion wears are there. The producers decided to make it even better so the song was recorded and mixed in Turkey with a number of renowned musicians and very well equipped studio and brilliant arrangers. The song is about being wrongfully accused, sensing a love triangle, betrayal, jealousy, family drama and tragedy. We all know this will be a strong work this season for a number of reasons. The role of Myriam Fares revolves around a woman who fall in love and forced into prostitution, after then she had the chance to take revenge of those who ruined her life. The drama was written by the Lebanese talented writer Claudia Marcheliane, produced by Moufid Al Rifaei and directed by Philip Asmar. So, we are expecting that we will watch a series full of suspension and entertainment.


The song is brilliant of course, as it was written by Hani Abdel Karim, composed by Mohamad Al Nadi and distributed by Adel Ayash. All the luck for Myriam Fares who’s taking her career into a new dimension!

by Jamil Richane

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