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NEWS/Mohammad Saad In A New Drama For Ramadan 2014

The Egyptian comedian actor Mohamed Saad is about to bring back the two characters Atata and Limbi that he played in his popular movie "Okal" This time, the two funny characters will be gathered in a new drama named Atata and The Limbi for the up-coming Ramadan 2014. In this new project, he is hoping that Ramadan 2014 will be a better one than last year by getting the last laugh this coming holy month after last year's "Shams Al Ansari" which was more than slightly flopped.

In this new drama Atata and the Limbi, Mohammad plays both roles, but the remaining actors cast are still under casting.

As in the first movie "Okal" where Atata character appeared, the French makeup artist Dominique will be in charge for preparing Mohamad to appear in a very professional manner with the use of hair extensions and artificial makeovers. The production company "Al Adel Group" insisted on working hard on this project and got the assistance of Dominique who knows the spirit of the characters as well as two other famous French specialists.

The work has started on a daily basis; the scenarist Mohamad Al Nabawi is giving all his time, effort and imagination to write the episodes for the new drama and is assisted by the writer Sameh Al Khatem. Also the makeup artist Dominique will be arriving soon in Cairo to join the daily work sessions alongside Mohammad Saad.

The Egyptian actor Mohamad Saad started his active career in 2000 at the age of 32. After acting in many supporting roles, he took the lead in his first and very successful film "Lembi" in 2002. It was one of the successful movies in the Egyptian cinema. Then, he made three films playing the same characters, among theses movies, the most popular one was "Elly Baly Balak." That was between 2003 and 2005. In 2006, Mohamad Saad played the role of "Katkout" which was the name of the movie. Mohamad Saad showed in these movies an evident dancing talent that made him unique in his field.

Thirteen movies, till now, made the history of Mohamad Saad, the comedian actor that had always a social message in all his works. We hope his coming drama will bring joy and laughter’s to the audience this season!

by Jamil Richane


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