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NEWS/Mohamad Fouad New Song “Ya Asli”

He’s old but gold! Mohamed Fouad ‪is working on a new album that will be released soon. He is one those artists that drop an album almost every three years. Who does not remember the songs he made once like “El Hobb El Ha2i2i". These songs really grave lots of memories in our heart. Now we have a song that gives us some clues of what we are in for. “Ya Asli" was released before the album named “Salam", the good guy of Egyptian pop has a habit of picking winners songs about love, life and those who appreciate in our lives. He is a hit-maker and a nice guy whose opinion matter.

Mohamed Fouad, the Egyptian singer who relates to everyone in that land, never tries to be better than anyone; he is just one of the masses. He was always that artist that gives hope to the people of Egypt, especially the youth. He is a singer, actor and song writer. He filmed 9 films in his career and he is known as the “Egypt Voice" (Sot Masr).

His new song “Ya Asli" is about being real and keeping it real in a time when it pays not to be one self. Fouad or Fo2sh as his fans like to call him strikes a winner here and we cannot wait for the rest of the album. He has all the big names attached to his album and it's frankly an honor for most talented musicians to work with him. Many writers and musician in Egypt would wish if they could give that sensational voice of Mohamad Fouad one of their songs. This time he is a free agent since he broke up with that Saudi company that has lost its way.

by Jamil Richane

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