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NEWS/Miss USA Rima Fakih back to Lebanon with Star Ragheb Alama

We heard so much about the success of the superstar Ragheb Alama's tour in USA, under the production of “Moon and Stars.” He had a blast and with this huge success, the superstar tweeted a picture of himself performing at his final concert in Florida, with a caption: "Thank God, it was a successful ending for my tour in Florida, with over 4000 fans singing and dancing. Fans came from everywhere, and I thank God for each and every one of them, and for their love and trust."

Then the star mentioned that his concert was attended by Miss USA, the Lebanese beauty, Rima Fakih, and she was welcomed and greeted by fans while dancing to most of his songs. The beauty queen had made it a point to attend Ragheb's concert for a very big TV program that will be bringing them together in Beirut in April 2014.

In many interviews on media, Rima Fakih said that she aims to get back to her beloved country, Lebanon, and settle down here, like her sisters. Now, her dream comes true. She will enter the world of media in the Arab World, with a TV program titled "Ana Ragheb, Ana Rima" produced and broadcasted on LBC, the Lebanese Broadcasting Channel. The idea of the program is very original, and the two stars will be hosting many celebrities from different fields in 36 scheduled episodes.

Rima Fakih, born in September 22, 1985 in a small town in Jabal Amel region of Southern Lebanon, showed a very strong personality and determination, during an Arabic speaking interview on " I am a woman " TV program. Rima Fakih is an American beauty pageant contestant, winner of the 2010 Miss USA title, trained professional wrestler in WWE as a WWE Diva, and also she graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she went on to earn degrees in economics and business management.

She is self-confident and cultivated. We are sure of the success of this TV show, as we know how brilliant Ragheb Alama is, especially in such programs, after the his success as a judge in "Arab Idol" with his charm and elegance. We wish this couple all luck in their project, and we will be waiting to see the new show!


by Jamil Richane


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