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NEWS/Miss Egypt Slammed for Being “Unbeautiful”

Since Sarah Abou Fasha won the title “Miss Egypt” 2013 in the international beauty pageant “The Queen of the Universe,” social media channels in Egypt were set on fire. Every picture that was published for Abou Fasha on Facebook and twitter received hundreds of negative comments and insults criticizing the Egyptian beauty pageant winner for being unbeautiful.

An image that compares Abou Fasha to an anonymous Ukrainian street vegetable seller was trending on Facebook implying that a regular woman in Ukraine is more beautiful than Miss Egypt 2013.  

Addressing the flood of negative reactions, Abou Fasha wrote on her personal twitter that physical beauty is not the only criterion in judging contestants in beauty pageants explaining that intelligence and strong character are important key players.

Abou Fasha was born to Egyptian parents in Los Angeles. She lived in the United States until she was 18. Her grandfather is a famous Egyptian poet and writer Taher Abu Fasha, famous for “Thousand and One Nights.”

After finishing high school, Abou Fasha joined the US marines because she could not afford going to an American university for her bachelor’s degree, she explained in a recent interview in Egyptian TV. She also mentioned that joining the US marines was an opportunity for her to counter Islamophobia and the negative stereotypes about Muslims as terrorists especially after September 11.  After serving in the US marines, Abou Fasha started her molding career in Washington DC and then moved to Los Angles where she transitioned into acting

In her latest interview, Abou Fasha said that people’s negative reactions in Egypt did not shake her confidence. “They actually make me laugh, I do not take those comments seriously,” adding that people’s hatred is not understandable. On the contrary, Abou Fasha said that the hype that was created around her Miss Egypt tittle brought her media attention that she needs for career. “I am happy with this experience,” she noted.

by Dina Shehata

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