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NEWS/Mayssa Karaa’s Canadian Commotion

Rising quickly in fame, Lebanese singer Mayssa Karaa, in collaboration with both traditional musicians and rock musicians, will be touring Canada this month to debut her new upcoming album with the single “Over Again” along with her hit song “White Rabbit,” from the “American Hustle” soundtrack.

Mayssa Karaa was born in Beirut, Lebanon and it wasn’t until she was seven that her singing talent was discovered during a local school performance. Karaa works a deeply cultural and distinctly Lebanese voice into the songs she sings. She attended the Berkeley College of Music in Beirut in hopes that she could be better able to control her voice and knead or warp it as she sees fit. All of this work didn’t go to waste; Dawn Elders, a music and PR manager from Santa Barbara, California caught sight of Karaa through her U.S. Tours with violinist, Simon Shaheen. Elders rang up Karaa and asked her to audition a song for her; an iPhone recording of Karaa’s hauntingly beauteous voice was all that was needed for Karaa to begin her quick rise to stardom. According to Susan Jacobs, the music supervisor for “American Hustle,” “We knew immediately from her iPhone demo that she was going to be great.”

Mayssa’s melancholic voice painted, with uniquely eerie whispers and hums, the dark mood with a chilling rendition of “White Rabbit,” Jefferson Airplane’s most influential song, in one of the most memorable scene s in the award winning film, “American Hustle.” Mayssa was honored with the National Cultural Award from Lebanon’s Cultural Minister Gaby Layoun, at the premiere of “American Hustle” in Beirut. According to Layoun, "She has created a significant artistic bridge between our culture and audiences around the world. She has made an impact both in Hollywood and as a role model for young women here and abroad.  In a world filled with sad days, this is one that brings us great joy and pride for Lebanon".

Karaa will be performing at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Toronto, Canada, unveiling never before heard songs from her newest rock album alongside her special guest performer, Marcus Nand. Karaa will also be performing traditional Lebanese music, combining the modern with the classical and creating a musical performance that is the first of its kind.

by Jamil Richane


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