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NEWS/Maya Nasri, Mother For The First Time

The fans of Maya Nasri, the Lebanese singer and actress, were wondering for months where has their beloved artist disappeared. No new songs, albums, movies or series appearances on the media. The mystery was revealed, the Lebanese celeb's absence was due to her pregnancy, as she was waiting for her first child from her husband, the Egyptian director Ihab Lam'i. Maya announced the good news on Twitter and Facebook that she has a little one on the way, along with photographic proof. Maya said to her fans: "Many asked about my whereabouts, today is the night before my birthday and I want to reveal where I was all this time; I love you all very much."

The long-waited day came on the 5th of October, when the starlet gave birth to her first baby, Michaela Ehab. Her last appearance was on the television during the Ramadan season 2012 in the drama "Serr Alani" and due to her pregnancy, she was not able to star in any dramas this year. She had previously said that she would resign from her stellar career for the sake of her family. It will be sad for all her fans to witness the days of seeing the starlet on screen and listen to her new songs coming to an end. Maya Nasri is currently living in Lebanon with her lovely family.

A long career, that had started in "Ka's el Noujoum" in 1998, may be ended now for the sake of motherhood. Her participation in this program ended with winning all three gold medals, and her debut single, "Khalleeni bel Jaw", topped several charts while launching her music career. Since then, Maya Asmar, know as Maya Nasri, released four albums and several topped-charted singles such as "Akhbarak Eih" and "Law kanlak Alb".


Although her success is in singing, she decided to enter the acting world in 2006. Since then, she starred in five Egyptian movies and television series including "Code 36", "Sultan elGharam", "Kharej An elQanoun", "Wekalet Atiyya" and  "Bamboozia", along with a Syrian series "Rijal Al hasm".

Maya has received countless offers to perform in Egyptian movies, considering her talent in acting directors discovered in Maya's cinema clips, not knowing her studies were in the same field. She had joined the Lebanese University of Fine Arts to study stage, TV and cinema acting and directing during her schooling. 

We wish her the ability to continue her successful career in acting and singing! Maya Nasri, the talented Lebanese artist, will be really missed although her new baby born will need her now!

by Jamil Richane

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