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NEWS/Mashrou’ Leila Merriness For This Summer

Mashrou’ Leila is an alternative rock band formed in AUB. What started as a simple music workshop created for stressed out college students quickly became a highly successful Lebanese band. Their songs regarding politics, sexuality, and generally controversial topics are entirely original and refreshing to hear - not only in the Arabic music industry but also within the general scope of the music industry. The members of Mashrou’ Leila write and compose their own music, a talent which seems to be becoming increasingly rare these days.

Their unique style, which is similar to that of the American band, Beirut, contains percussion that, coupled with the keyboard, violin, and the deep melodic voice of the lead singer, Hamed make for very catchy and unique songs. Some of their biggest hits include Raksit Leila, Fasateen and Shim el Yasmeen.

What is most notably refreshing about this band is the way their music videos seem to portray very familiar, humble and down-to-earth scenes that are put together with the intention of appealing to the common Lebanese audience instead of attempting to fit into a generalized celebrity culture.

Fans of the ever-famous band, Mashrou Leila (also known as Mashrou3 Leila) will be excited to know that they have a series of tours lined up in Europe during the upcoming Spring/Summer months. They will be touring in Paris, France from May 30-31st, then in Manchester and London in the United Kingdom on the 2nd and 4th of June (Song kick, 2014). It is very exciting to think that their music is reaching such a wide and global audience. In referencing a common Lebanese cliché, “3am yirfa3o rasna” (they are making us raise our heads with pride). Mashrou’ Leila plays a significant role in presenting alternative Arabic music to both the Arab world and the world in general. 

Mashrou’ Leila’s music and popularity prove that uniformity is not a necessary requirement for fame. In a recent interview with Argana TV during the band’s first appearance in Italy, Hamed Sinno stated a significant remark regarding the band’s original music: “We touch on a lot of things with our music, but really it’s always just about the music, to be very honest. When we write about politics or resistance or any of the other things that you mentioned, it’s always just because it’s something that we’re thinking about at the time.”

by Jamil Richane


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