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NEWS/Marwan Khoury in "School of Love"

The Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury announced joining the team of the series "School Love" for his first experience in acting, under the supervision of the Syrian director Safwan Mustafa Nehmo and the writer Razzy Wardeh, which is produced by Qubnd production company in Damascus.

Marwan Khoury signed the contract of employment as one of the main actors in the " School of Love" with the director and owner of Qubnd dr.Mohammed Qubnd, and expressed his happiness for this new step in his career. The artist stated "All the details of work and the idea as a whole bear many features. I have had a good friendship with the director Safwan Nehmo and I am very happy with this first opportunity between us." As described by Marwan Khoury, the series has a powerful idea and he expects that it will get many records in the region, noting that the Arab community loves such ideas."

He also revealed that he will make a song in the episode which he will take part in, promising to be perfectly in accord with the role that he will play and with the general idea of the series. In this context, Dr. Mohammed Qubnd, director of this work, expressed his happiness with the participation of Marwan Khoury as an actor in this series, and points out that he realized the delicacy sense of Marwan Khoury, which will match perfectly with the idea of the series based on love.

In the same context, director Safwan Mustafa Nehmo confirmed that 80% of the artists in the Arab world who have received an invitation to participate as actors in the series, signed a formal employment contracts, and revealed that press conferences will be held later in Beirut, Egypt and Dubai, to announce more details. The "School of Love" is the first series where the elite Arab pop stars meet all in one work, such as the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker.

by Jamil Richane

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