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NEWS/Marwan Khoury Gives “Te’bani Menak” to Reem Masri

Marwan Khoury, The Lebanese artist writer and composer of the song named “Te’bani Menak” (Tired of You) decided to give this song to a rising Syrian star Reem Masri, the sister of the well-known songstress Asala Nasri. It’s a brilliant song but the problem is that at first this song was meant to go to Ellissa. Marwan Khoury gives her the song, and they recorded it and it was a done deal. Then Rotana, the production company behind Ellissa, was less than gracious to Marwan's talent. And he went public and told the world he would not give away his rights and sell her soul. So he asked them to remove the song from the Ellissa latest album. 

When the latest album of Ellissa came out, “Te’bani Menak” was not there. Of course, we missed that touch of Marwan Khoury in Ellissa’s albums, they made once upon a time some great songs and we did felt a great combination and emotions in all their works together. After the release of successful Ellissa’s album “ Hob Kouli Hayati”, the song with Ellissa's voice leaked and we got to hear it. Too bad it was not in the album. Rotana forever lost a good song and a wonderful wholesome artist. 

Marwan Khoury gave the song to an unlikely songstress. After all, he still have the rights of the song and Reem Nasri won him over and released the song with her voice. Reem has also begun singing for some time. She mostly stuck to national song about Syria, its people and its leadership.

Reem has a decent voice and her performance in this song is worth remembering. I am sure having one of the best musicians on your side inside the studio helps. The song will help launch Reem's career and soon enough the Arab world has always been welcoming of pop divas whose talent is much better than their neighbors south of the borders. 

As for Marwan, this is a clever move, not only is he releasing his own songs on his own terms, he made sure that it will be news and it will circulate. It was a good move instead of keeping such a piece of art undiscoverable.

by Jamil Richane


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