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NEWS/Love Is In The Air Between George Clooney And Lebanese Beauty Amal Alamuddin

The two-time-winner of People magazine’s prestigious title of “Sexiest Man Alive”, George Clooney, is now officially off the market. To the dismay of hundreds of women, the man who once stated “I won’t get married again because I wasn’t very good at it,” has been dating Amal Alamuddin, a human rights, international law, extradition and criminal law lawyer (or “Barrister” in British terms).

Alamuddin, who was brought up in Beirut, Lebanon, was spotted last Thursday flaunting a huge ring on her left finger. Whether the two are engaged or not is still a mystery but it would be no surprise that after more than twenty years of nonmarriage, Mr. Clooney would be ready to marry again.

A 36 year old graduate from NYU (New York University) and Oxford University, Alamuddin has been practicing law in London and has been very outspoken in multiple fields of activism. Most notably, she has represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a battle against extradition from Sweden. Alamuddin has been appointed to multiple commissions through the UN including one which is actively investigating the use of drones in counter-terrorism techniques. These achievements are all the more notable due to her history; when she was two, her family escaped the Lebanese civil war by moving to London, the city where Alamuddin would spend most of her childhood and adult years. Alamuddin’s father returned to Lebanon in 1991 and is now a retired professor of business studies at the very well-known American University of Beirut (AUB). Adding to an already impressive family agenda, her grandmother was said to have been the first woman to graduate from AUB. This fact is not confirmed but is indeed a very interesting tidbit.

Alamuddin’s high ranking success means a lot of positive publicity for the Arab world - Lebanon in particular. Plenty of Arab stereotypes have been circulating for years and these stereotypes are continually perpetuated by the mass media. Alamuddin’s possible engagement to one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood could reach massive amounts of audiences, breaking the many stereotypes that have persisted for so long.

Their relationship has sparked a lot of curiosity as to whether it was founded upon the basis of mutual love or if it is indeed a publicity stunt. Under what circumstances the two met is still under debate but it is certainly very clear that the both have had plenty of chemistry as sources note that they have been dating since early October 2013.

by Jamil Richane

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