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NEWS/Lebanese Singer Yara New Song "Ya Banat El Khalij"

One of the few artists that took a special track in the Gulf region, the Lebanese songstress Yara made another song dedicated to her girls, named “Ya Banat El Khalij.” She first sang it on the TV show “Jalasat Wenassa” aired on MBC. Yara had proved herself as very successful in this type of Arabic song style. Well, it seems that a brilliant star from Lebanon has dazzled the Gulf region and delivered a dance song meant to count the virtues of the ladies in that part of the world.

“Ya Banat El Khalij“ is made for the rich ladies of the Gulf to persuade them to feel good about being themselves. For sure, Yara looked very confident and stood firmly with other ladies with this localized version of a song.

 One the other hand, Yara released lately another song in the Gulf dialect called “Ajik” with a music video where she looked marvelous with classic style we know her to have since her first appearances. The song “Ajik” is written by the poet Al Wissam, composed by the Iraki artist Bassel Al Aziz and arranged by Hossam Kamel. In the music video, the director Fadi Haddad insisted on showing Yara in with her calm beauty and on focusing on her beautiful face and its perfect lines.

Yara, whose real name is Carla Nazih Barkechi, is from Deir El Ahmar, a Lebanese town located in the Bekaa valley and was born on June 1st in 1983. She participated at the age of 15 in the talent show “Ka’s El Noujoum” and won the Golden Award of Souad Mohamad. Since then, she was made her line in the Arab World as a romantic and talented singer whose special soft voice led her to be as one of the A-listed Lebanese songstresses. Watch her performing “Ya Banat El Khalij” below.

by Jamil Richane

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