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NEWS/Lebanese Artist Salim Assaf Singing Again!

For the multi-talented Lebanese artist Salim Assaf, it was not hard to sing his own songs after he wrote and composed a huge number of successful songs for many singers in the Arab World. Salim Assaf has a good sensational voice by nature and has always a dreamed to sing his own songs. He started his singing journey with a self-composed single called  “Lawali Albi” which is arranged by Omar Sabbagh and mixed and mastered by Mohamad T. Makhour. People loved this song, especially the sensitive character of Salim Assaf that was very obvious in his voice.

On the other hand, he released another single this week, which is “Mech Khayef” with a music video that reflects his romantic personality. This song feels all too real, sung with the same force and commitment to happiness. Salim Assaf is now the smartest and most practical composer working in Lebanon. It is really not easy to compete against other artists unless you are giving them your best work.

Salim Assaf released the song “Mech Khayef” which is broadcasted on many radio stations. While listening to it, we can feel the message out of it, it is about reaching the limit that one cannot think no more or handle all the pain, so he laughs for not crying. It's a song about being hurt and being left alone, I have so many places of hurt so no other places to be hurt in.

It's a darker song, and its fits the general climate in Lebanon and the region at the moment. For those who love the oud, and the percussion, they will really enjoy this song with its pretty sophisticated music. It seems that the guy sings like he is talking to a guy next to him, it's not a song for the masses, but rather an intimate setting. It's an upset song from a guy who has seen it all and has decided not to care anymore for sake of his happiness.

Salim Assaf is working now with many Lebanese singers such as Amal Hejazi who took four songs for her latest album. In an interview at a radio station, Salim Assaf said that he had no fear to tell the truth and what he feels and this is what he led him to write and compose the song “Ma Bkhaf” for the brilliant Lebanese artist Carole Samaha. Well, it’s obvious that Salim Assaf is against any Fear!

by Jamil Richane

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