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NEWS/Kinda Hanna’s Kinda Pregnant

Syrian actress, Kinda Hanna, has recently just given birth to a beautiful baby boy whom she has dubbed, “Fares.” After a bit of celebration, Kinda posted to her Instagram profile, to the shock of over ten thousand followers that she is once again pregnant. It is now officially confirmed by Kinda Hanna herself that she is now expecting again, but double the trouble this time because Hanna is expecting twins, both of who are girls. Kinda Hanna is no doubt, one of the most well known actresses within the Middle East entertainment media and Hanna’s popularity is only ever rising. Being surprisingly active on her Instagram account, Hanna has posted a handful of pictures of both her with her supportive friends and family, husband, and of course, with her cute-as-buttons baby Fares. 

Hanna is definitely going to be busy with three children and two new drama series premiering this Ramadan season. In one of her upcoming roles in “Sarkhit Rouh,” or “Scream of the Soul,” Hanna will be dealing with the issue of marital adultery and the taboo of improper relationships. In another one of her roles, Hanna will be starring in “Tahoun Al Shar,” or “Evil Mill,” in which Hanna will be melancholically remembering her days in Syria. Hanna is also rumored to have begun her role as a trained assassin on the TV series “Khawatim,” or “Rings,” all of which are being directed by her husband Naji Taemy.

Although she graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2006, the popular Syrian actress didn’t begin to appear within any well-known TV series until after 2008. Impressively, this Syrian beauty has appeared in over 20 cinema and TV related works between 2008 and now. Known by many as the “Syrian Screen Cinderella,” many expect her to be one of the most well known celebrities to represent Syria and it’s culture.

Hanna stated excitedly in a recent Instagram post, “Oh God you are great, for everything I wish, you give me. A while back I went to my doctor Bashar Al Hinawi, and he told me that I am pregnant with twins. At the time I was very happy but was surprised because having twins does not run in my family. I had wished that at least one of the twins was a girl.”

by Jamil Richane


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