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NEWS/Kazem El Saher Ambassador of Arab Youth 2014

Kazem El Saher had been assigned to fulfill the position of the ambassador of the Arab Youth for the year 2014 by the Young Journalist Forum in Jordan. He is following the steps of other Arabian divas such as the Lebanese legend Fairuz who was appointed this position in 2012 and the Saudi singer Mohamad Abdo in 2013, the Iraqi brilliant superstar. It is a great mission for the artist who was always been known for his sensational character and his humility.

While accepting the new position in Jordan, Kazem El Saher said in respect for the founders of the Young Journalist Forum: "Today I cultivate the fruits of my success, and I feel my message has reached everyone and hope from God that I fulfill the expectations of everyone. I consider this position as a big responsibility on myself and will do all that I can to serve art and artists." 

Now, we are waiting for the release of his new Saudi song named Istafezini written by Abdel Latif Al Sheikh, composed by Naser Saleh and distributed by Midhat Kamis. This song for the Ceaser Kazem El Saher had been announced in one of the press conferences held by the songster. We are also watching him as on of the judges of  "The Voice" a popular talent show with live episodes on MBC.

 It seems that a new friendship is blossoming between the Shy artist Kazem El Saher and the media now. The talent show has taken him out of shell to communicate better with media press who linked him to his fans that showed a hunger for seeing him and knowing his latest news. In a late report, Kazem El Saher said that it’s such an honor for him to be a judge on “The Voice” for the second year in a row. Despite his love for the show, the singer said that he didn’t actually watch a single episode of Season One from last year.

On the other side, the prominent star said that although his entire life consists of him “living on planes,” he has chosen Morocco as his permanent place of residence, where he bought a beautiful ranch in Morocco and practices his favorite hobby: farming. Kazem El Saher's fans are known for being loyal for his art so they will be waiting all his new songs and concerts.


by Jamil Richane

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