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NEWS/Jihad Abdo, The Rising Star In Hollywood, Alongside with Tom Hanks

The Syrian actor Jihad Abdo, known in Hollywood as “Jay Abdo” catches his big break with getting an acting role alongside the A-listed Hollywood actor Tom Hanks in his latest film “A Hologram For The King” with the direction of the German director Tom Tykwer that started shooting scenes in Morocco and Germany. Jay Abdo is considered now as rising star in Hollywood after being an A-listed one in his hometown, Syria.

Being inspired with films as widely ranging as Dr Zhivago, the Godfather, Jay Abdo said that his journey started as an actor that proved himself as one of the most promising actors in Syria and the Arab World.

On his Twitter account, he tweeted that he is ecstatic and grateful to begin filming the first scenes of his new Hollywood film alongside the famous American actor Tom Hanks and the great director Tom Tykwer. He must be feeling so special, as the Oscar-winning actor hand-picked him for this role, after he took a role in “Queen of Desert” by Werner Herzog, with the brilliant Nicole Kidman.

The film a comedic drama and is set up about a rich man (Tom Hanks) who goes from riches to rags. He then travels to Saudi Arabia in the hopes of establishing new business and investment ventures. That’s when he falls ill to cancer and resides in a hospital where he falls in love with one of its doctors. In the film, Jay Abdo plays the role of the surgeon who performs Hanks's life-saving surgery.

Since then, Jihad Abdo and his family moved to Los Angeles to rebuild his career and accomplishing business. He said in an interview that patience; focus and hardworking are the keys for his success. Well, he proved that his talent and his ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude led him to succeed in his business and to call him the newest Hollywood rising star. All the luck Jay!

by Jamil Richane

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