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NEWS/Hind Sabri Going Back To Tunis

The Tunisian-born and Egyptian-based actress Hind Sabri is coming back to her homeland Tunis for acting in two films this year.

The Tunisian audience will witness the come-back of their famed starlet on screen with both "Zahrat Al Hub" (Love Flower) and "Laylat Qamar Muktamalah" (Full Moon Night) in 2014. "Love Flower" will be directed by the Rida Al Bahi, while "Full Moon" will move her into action under the direction of Fares Ni'na'. The very busy actress did not stop working since giving birth to her second baby girl. She focused also on her place in the Egyptian filming industry, where she became very famous, so she recently completed shooting the scenes of the film “Al Jazeerah” (The Island) with the brilliant Egyptian actor, Ahmad Al Sakka. This movie will be screened during Eid Al Fitr holiday.

On the other side, the active Hind Sabri will join the team of a new Egyptian film under the direction of Hala Khalil, who did work also in the past with her beloved actress in “Ahla Al Awkat” (Best Moments).

More and more, Hind Sabri refuses to get some rest from acting, so she is still busy shooting her scenes for the TV drama “ Embratoriat Min” (whose empire) before it will be aired during Ramadan 2014. It will be a social comedy, the field that Hind did master very well before in the series “Ayza Etgawez”  (I Wanna Get Married). In “Emratoriat Min”, she will play the role of an Egyptian mother who raised her family in England for 15 years and came back to Egypt where she found everything different because of development that had taken place in the Egyptian society.

Hind Sabri, the mother of two girls, will surely be happy to stay for a while with her family in Tunis. All the luck, lovely Hind!

by Jamil Richane


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