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NEWS/Hiba Tawaji’s New Album “Ya Habibi”

It is not easy these days to make a compromise between successful commercial albums and classical high-taste style but the brilliant Hiba Tawaji with the supervision and production management of Oussama El Rahbani. Her new album “Ya Habibi” is a good start for the first quarter of the 2014 after releasing her second album “La Bidayi Wla Nihayi”, which made a huge success. Hiba Tawaji, born in Achrafieh-Lebanon in 1987 had made her way in the music industry as tri-lingual singer, actress and director and standing at a crossroad of music that includes oriental music, pop music, jazz, funk, and opera. She is already a respected coloratura soprano with a four octave vocal rang.


Known as a committed young artist, Hiba Tawaji works hard on making her talent in music, piano and theater perfect with the help of El Rahbani’s family. And now, in her new album “Ya Habibi”, there are 15 tracks that most of them were written and composed by Oussama El Rahbani, while other songs are the poems of Mansour El Rahbani or Ghadi El Rahbani.

Alongside with the album release, three music videos were shot in Paris with a very French style. In few years, Hiba Tawaji has shown that she takes her career seriously and is willing to travel the world to hone her craft. And she already has the right team in the music industry scene and no need for so much effort for marketing; such talent is hard to be unnoticed.

Hiba Tawaji took a very intensive music and artistic education for never putting her vocal talents on the back burner and was soon inspired to write her own songs and to sing in jazz clubs as well as folk coffeehouses. At this time, one of El Rahabni’s family discovered her talents and the journey began.

Here was Hiba Tawaji, the Lebanese multi-talented artist who was trained by an internationally renowned musician, the Emmy Award winner Gwen Conley in New York and took part in an acting workshop at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and now she is playing her role in defending this style of music from those who are pretending to work for the legacy of the Lebanese music industry and the royal heritage left by El Rahbani’s family.

by Jamil Richane

You can watch Hiba Tawaji – Khalas below: 

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