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NEWS/Helmy’s Humorous Hullaballoo

Looking years younger, Ahmed Helmy, is one of Egypt’s funniest people. A comedian and actor in some of Egypt’s most gut wrenching dramas, Helmy has recently fallen into the latest hipster trend, sporting cool purple glasses, a trendy new side-shaved haircut, and a clean shaven face, doing away with the beard and mustache combo that has been one of the more iconic characteristics of his image.

On May 3rd, Helmy posed ever so comedically near the younger Amro Salama, a director from the set of Helmy’s newest film, “Cotton wa Fa’r” or “Cotton and a Mouse,” a film written with the intention of giving the audience a few light hearted laughs.  According to sources, the film Helmy was said to have been working on, “Made in China,” was renamed “Cotton wa Fa’r” for reasons only he will know until the film’s release.

Helmy has been posting pictures left and right, both with his wife, Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, and with his lovely daughter, Lilly, so it came as a surprise when Helmy posted a picture with former 7 year old Arab’s Got Talent child contestant, Nour Osman, of whom he has promised a role in his one of his upcoming films.

After presenting her to his current director, Salama, Osman was guaranteed a spot in the crew’s cast as it was discovered that her acting abilities we on par, if not much better than her crowd wooing vocals although she has, on multiple occasions, impressed all four judges with her theatrical and semi over-the-top performances. Helmy was far beyond amazed with Nour, describing her with the words, “You’re adorable, great performance and presence onstage.”

Be sure to stay tuned with Ahmed Helmy via Facebook for sneak peeks at his film “Cotton and a Mouse.” This film will star Yasmine Raees, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and Abdullah Mushraf among many others and if seeing Helmy in his prime sporting some very fashionable threads is something which tickles your fancy, then stay connect with Helmy via Facebook for exclusive posts and sneak peeks into this humorous film about a young man who, after realizing that nearly everything in his country was made in China, decides to take a trip there, encountering plenty of conundrums and whimsical adventures along the way.

by Jamil Richane

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